Title: Railgun

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Ruiko is chased by some thugs in an alleyway until she is rescued by Mikoto who deals with them. The next day, as she waits for her friends to arrive at Tokiwadai, Mikoto has an uncomfortable run in with Tokiwadai’s other Level 5 esper, Misaki Shokuhou, who warns Mikoto that she and her friends should not mess with her clique. Later Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari, Ruiko and Erii visits Banri in the hospital who is undergoing physiotherapy. While Erii rekindles with Banri, Mikoto reveals to the others she brought a present for Banri and wants to give to her with a surprise but realizes she left her bag containing the present in Banri’s ward. Just then, a criminal patient that was under watch by AntiSkill is broken free by some of his companions and takes Erii as a hostage. Upon learning of the situation from Yomikawa and Tsuzuri, Mikoto heads to the rooftop to try and prevent the culprits escaping via helicopter.

Apr. 12, 2013