Title: Railgun Mass-Production Plan (Radio Noise Project)

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Mikoto is reminded of rumors about there being a clone of her and attempts to question the girl, who was distributing the envelopes in order to fill the alleyways that security cameras can’t reach with human eyes, but she leaves after inadvertently setting the building on fire whilst burning the evidence, simply stating Mikoto would be unable to stop what was happening with her power. After saving the Skillouts and curious about what the girl said, Mikoto looks up for information on her, whose name is Shinobu Nunotaba. Mikoto learns Shinobu worked at the medical facility where she had given the scientists her DNA. Mikoto decides to infiltrate this facility by disguising herself and using her electricity to get past the security. Reaching a room that is separate from the rest of the building’s network, Mikoto hacks into database and is shocked to learn that the scientists did tricked her into giving them her DNA for Project Radio Noise, which aimed to create clones of her.

Apr. 26, 2013