Title: Boy Meets Girl

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Sagara and Kaname barely escapes from the enemy. Now on the run they try to find a way out. Deep in the forest Sagara isn’t able to move much more with his injuries, so Kaname decides to stop and rest for a bit. After Sagara was able to stop the bleeding, Kaname realizes how dangerous and mysterious Sagara really is. To make matters worse they find an unexpected person along the way, it’s Kurtz, who looks badly beaten by Gaul. As the 3 try to make to the shoreline they find themselves in a tight pinch; the forest ended and all there is now is plain fields. Not Knowing what to do Sagara had only one idea left – to have himself and Kurtz distract the enemy force while Kaname makes a run to safety. But Kaname refuses to leave.

Feb. 19, 2002